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Single Molecule Probes

Leader: D. Bonnell, MSE
Russ Composto, Rob Carpick, MEAM, Y. Goldman, PHYSIO, A. T. Johnson, PHYS, J. Schotland, BE,MSE

Single Molecule Probes Image

Simultaneous AFM image and TIRF image of sparse rhodamine ribosomes on a coverslip.

The ability, or inability, to probe behavior at the nanometer/molecular scale limits almost every endeavor involving nanotechnology.  Enabling new scientific discovery, gearing up for manufacturing, determining environmental impact, and evaluating toxicity all rely on manipulating and characterizing structure beyond our current capability.  Recent advances have opened pathways to a new generation of local probes of molecular function that combine optical/electrical/magnetic signals and access dynamic phenomena.  This Cross Cutting Initiative brings together investigators who develop nanoscale measurement tools to produce the next wave of innovation in probes of molecular function and enables research in other research teams within the NBIC.

The strategy is to combine different approaches to probing single molecule properties while realizing synergies of collaborations across fields.  Recent advances include the development of new scanning probe microscopies, combining atomic force microscopy and fluorescence, approaches to 3-D analysis in polarization-resolved total internal reflectance and improved optical tomography.


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