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Research at the Nanoscale

Pilot Program Grants Program (NBIC), 2013

Physical Science in Cancer Research Pilot Program Grants Program (NBIC), 2013

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NBIC research activities are organized in a unique structure that maximizes cross-fertilization and drives a coherent approach to the overall goals of the center. Two multidisciplinary research teams focus on aspects of the fundamental scientific issues; two cross cutting initiatives develop ideas integral to all projects and make explicit links between them. The fundamental themes are: optoelectronic function in synthetic biomolecules and mechanical motion of molecules from physiological systems. Each theme has a strong fundamental component and obvious technological impact ranging from nanoelectronics to medical diagnostic devices. Intersecting the themes is an initiative on the development of new probes of molecular/nanostructural behavior. In addition, an overarching activity concerns the ethical implications of nanotechnology specific to these research themes and to a broader, societal sense.

  • Biomolecular Optoelectronic Function
    Research Team 1 uses theoretical and experimental techniques to design and synthesize compounds that test fundamental bases of properties, determines mechanisms of functionality, and assembles complex nanostructures that exploit the functionality to demonstrate opto-electronic device-like behavior. 
  • Molecular Motions
    Research Team 2 develops methods of positioning biological macromolecules and controlling the thermal/chemical/mechanical environment, and determines the mechanisms associated with protein motion.
  • Single Molecular Probes
    Cross Cutting Initiative 1 develops the tools necessary to accomplish these research goals, specifically by combining near field optical probes with mechanical and electronic probes at the single molecule level.
  • Innovation Award Research
    Innovation awards are competitive grants that support exciting new ideas, new partnerships with NBIC, and the evolution of research themes of the center.
  • Engaging Globally and Locally
    A variety of constituencies from the research, business, education, health, and communities provide a portfolio of programs to educate and provide insight to societal implications of nanoscale science and technology.

Pilot Program Grants Program, 2011

Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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