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NBIC Probe Facility User Proposal

The Nano/Bio Probe Innovation Facility hosts a number of advanced and specialized
scanning probe instruments and probe stations. These facilities are made available on a
prioritized basis. NBIC funded projects have the highest priority. Projects related to the
NBIC mission have the second priority. The third priority includes other research and
‘fee for use’ external users. Time of the instrumentation is allocated based on these
priorities. All qualified users are expected to take advantage of evening and weekends as
well as weekday time slots.

In all cases the need of the specialized capabilities are taken into consideration. Note that
there are other facilities on campus with general SPM instrumentation.

If you are interested in using the Probe Innovation Facility, please complete the form below.

First name
Last name

Project Description :

Describe the project for which instrumentation time is requested. Is there a precedent for this work or similar work, including characterization by other means? What will constitute a success for this project?

List of Instruments:

List the instruments to be used and estimate the instrument time to be required. Will this be a one-time use, or recurring? Who is expected to perform the characterization? Will training be required (long-term projects only)?


Please list the instrument end-users with their email addresses, and status [(under)grad / postdoc / faculty / external].

Who is your PI and what department are you in? yes no

Even if your advisor is affiliated with the NBIC, you personally might not be funded, so please check with your advisor.

Non-Penn Users

Will you be collaborating with Penn faculty on this project?


Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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