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Other Penn/NBIC Facilities

Instrumentation has been modified or custom designed in order to accommodate the most recent innovations in local measurement probes

Discher Labs

Digital Instruments Multimode + Nanoscope III AFM
Asylum MFP-1D
Asylum MFP-3D
Micropipette Aspirator
HPLC / Fraction collector

  • Contact + intermittent contact AFM
  • Force measurements
  • Variable-Temp AFM
  • Fluorescence + optical microscopy
  • Total internal reflection + AFM
  • Polymer synthesis
  • “Cysteine shotgun” analysis

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  Discher Labs
Chemistry Facilities

Mass Spectrometry
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
2D laser facilities
Wide-field Video Microscopy
Center for Molecular Modeling
Glass Shop

  • Single molecule or particle tracking
  • protein conformational dynamics
  • Real-time single molecule and single
  • particle tracking
  • Time-lapse fluorescence measurements
  • Single molec. wide-?eld imaging in vivo

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  Chemistry Facilities
Bau Lab

Upright Olympus BX51 Microscope
Inverted Olympus IX71 Microscope
Eppendorf TransferMan NK Micromanipulator
Narishige Hydraulic Micromanipulator
HEKA double patch clamp EPC 10 amplifer

  • Optical (fluorescent) microscopy
  • Electrochemistry and electrophysiology
  • Anodic bonding
  • Thermal bonding press
Goldman Lab

Single Molecule Polarization TIRF Microscopy
Single Molecule TIRF/TRAP/FRET Microscopy
Single Molecule TIRF/FRET Microscopy

  • Single Molecule pol-TIRF assay
  • 3D tracking of single motor proteins
  • Low background Fluorescence imaging using TIRF
  • Localizing a Fluorophore with on nanometer precision
  • Manipulating single particle with sub-pN force using optical trap
  • Monitoring confomational / distance change with sub-nm with FRET

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  Goldman Lab
Johnson Lab

Nanotube Furnaces
e-Beam Lithography
Optical Lithography
Vapor Sensing Testbed

  • Nanotube and graphene deposition
  • TEM + in situ electronic measurements
  • Hybrid AFM (scanned gate and electrostatic force)
  • Bio-functionalization

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  Johnson Lab
Drndić Lab

Electrical transport with fA resolution from 4 K to 650 K with optical excitation
Wire bonder
Table mounted lasers
Fluorescence microscope
Atomic force microscope

  • Nanopores
  • Transmission electron mircoscopy
  • Silicon nitride membrane fabrication
  • Lithography
  • Atomic later deposition

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  Drndić Lab



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