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High-Speed Fluorescence Polarization Measurements of Single Myosin V Molecules

John F. Beausang, Philip C. Nelson, Yale E. Goldman

As stable “molecular tips” for AFM tip functionalization, tripod molecules were synthesized for Au surface modification of AFM tip and applied to chemical force spectroscopy for single molecular interaction of model ligand-receptor (biotin-NeutrAvidin). More precise and reproducible value for single molecular unbinding force were obtained from this system. Currently, chemical functionalization of NCD AFM tip and potential application to nano-lithography is going in collaboration with Dr. Carpick group and Dr. Composto group.

Some motions of myosin V are too fast to resolve by polTIRF


AR Dunn & JA Spudich, NSMB, 2007

  • Time resolution increased 100x from 40 to 4 ms.
  • Our goal is to visualize novel myosin V motions between steps.
  • Understanding Nature’s molecular motors may explain certain diseases and inspire man-made nano-machines.



Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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