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Determining the electrical properties soft interfaces

Kendra Kathan Galipeau, Ivan Korendovych, Alessandro Senes, William DeGrado and Dawn Bonnell

TR-NIM of micelles on graphite

Top: topography of micelles on graphite.
Bottom: current map

The goal of this research is to measure the properties of oriented peptide-based assemblies on an idealized interface with new techniques in SPM for measuring properties. Topographic AFM yields some information about structure, but truly understanding this complicated system requires advanced techniques.

A technique has been developed, nanoimpedance microscopy (TR-NIM), and it is capable of detecting small differences in resistivity and current. This technique allows one to implement nanoimpedance microscopy on soft surfaces such as those in lipid or micelle systems.

The images on the left are TR-NIM of micelles on graphite.




Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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