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A Novel Method for Investigating the Azimuthal Rotation of Molecular Motors Utilizing Dielectrophoresis and Optical Tweezers

Mark E. Arsenault, Haim H. Bau, and Yale E. Goldman

image 1image 2


image 3 The left-handed corkscrew motion of a myosin X-coated bead as it travels along an actin filament


Facilitate the unhindered motion of protein motors and observe their trajectories

  • We have developed a technique to study the motion of molecular motors along filaments
  • The 3D-positions of myosin V and myosin X-coated beads were tracked with custom-written software
  • Both myosin V and myosin X-coated beads follow a left-handed spiraling path around the suspended actin filaments


Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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