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De Novo Designed Proteins with Nonbiological Cofactors

J. K. Blasie, W. F. DeGrado, J. G. Saven, M. J. Therien

image 1 A major goal of the effort of Research Team 1 is the creation of nonbiological cofactor-containing proteins. Such systems may be used to assemble, position and control electro-optically active large molecules (cofactors) with potential applications optical and molecular electronic devices. Computational methods are used to obtain symmetric tetrahelical structures and fully asymmetric helical bundle proteins, with loops connecting the helices. In each case, the protein’s structure and sequence are designed de novo to accommodate a given cofactor.

Figure: Model and Sequence of Porphyrin Assemblers (a) Iron diphenylporphyrin cofactor (b) Model tetramer PAtet8 (c) Model single chain protein PASC (d) Sequence of PASC

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007. 129: 10732-10740


Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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