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Modulation of Interfacial Electronic Coupling Between (Porphinato)metal Complexes and Gold Nanoparticles via Carbodithioate and Thiol Linkers

Tae-Hong Park and Michael J. Therien

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  • Porphyrin-functionalized Au nanoparticles
    • Core size: ~2 nm
    • Identical surface coverages (~37-48 ligands) manifest for both thiol and carbodithioate linkers
  • 2-Au features spectroscopic characteristics not associated with 1-Au and other AuNPs which are organothiol functionalized.
  • Resonance Raman data show that 2-Au porphyrin modes are dramatically enhanced relative to those for 1-Au.
  • Excitation and electronic absorption spectra demonstrate that 2-Au features porphyrin-Au charge resonance interactions not present in 1-Au.

Carbodithioate linkers facilitate enhanced interfacial electronic coupling relative to the classic thiol ligand.


Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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