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Optical Trap Studies of Molecular Motors


Y. Takagi, Y.E. Goldman, H. Shuman

Global objectives and specific goals of the project: Directly measure force-dependent reaction rates and control of biochemistry by mechanical perturbations

Scientific strategy, approach and uniqueness: Feedback from transducer optical trap to motor trap enhances stiffness of actin and enables control of mechanical state

Conclusion and impact: Increased force on individual, conventional myosin molecules decreases lifetime of actomyosin interactions by reversal of attachment step. Single-molecule energy transduction approaches the expectation from tissue measurements.

Takagi Y., Shuman H., and Goldman Y.E. Coupling between Phosphate Release and Force Generation in Muscle Actomyosin. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci., 359:1913-1920. 2004.
Takagi, Y., Homsher, E.E., Goldman, Y.E. and Shuman, H. Force Generation in Single Conventional Actomyosin Complexes Under High Dynamic Load, Biophys. J. In Press, 2005




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