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Single Molecule Dynamics of Unconventional Molecular Motors


Y.E. Goldman, J. Beausang, Y. Sun, J. Forkey

Global objectives and specific goals of the project: Develop technologies for studying structural dynamics of macromolecules using polarized fluorescence and hyper-resolution TIRF microscopy.

Scientific strategy, approach and uniqueness: Novel single molecule structural dynamics reveal hitherto unavailable mechanistic information

Conclusion and impact: Myosin V walks hand-over-hand along actin. Intermolecular strain modulates biochemical reaction rates to elosterically synchronize biochemical cycles.

Forkey, J.N., Quinlan, M.E., Shaw, M.A., Corrie, J.E., and Goldman, Y.E. Three-dimensional Structural Dynamics of Myosin V by Single-molecule Fluorescence Polarization. Nature, 422:399-404. 2003.
Yildiz, A., Forkey, J.N., McKinney, S.A., Ha, T., Goldman, Y.E., and Selvin, P.R. Myosin V Walks Hand-over-hand: Single Fluorophore Imaging with 1.5-nm Localization. Science, 300:2061-2065. 2003.
Rosenberg, S.A., Quinlan, M.E., Forkey, J.N., and Goldman Y.E. Rotational Motions of Macromolecules by Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy. Acc. Chem. Res., 38:583-593. 2005.



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