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Block Copolymer Nanotemplates for Aligning Actin Filaments


R. J. Composto and Y. Goldman

Objective: Prepare soft templates for aligning systems of biomolecules such as actin. Goals and strategy:

  1. Prepare nanostructured block copolymer films with periodicity, L, commensurate with biomolecule.

  2. Create topographically varying surfaces of block copolymers.

  3. Deposit and align f-actin on templates prepared in (1) and (2).

These templates can be used to align any long ridged molecule such as carbon nanotubes or nanowires.


  1. Block copolymer films have been made with dimensions compatible with f-actin diameter, 7-8nm.

  2. Imaging of f-actin has proved challenging due to its fragile nature.

  3. Experiments are underway to improve f-actin stability and their imaging on the nanotemplate




Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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