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Assembly and Transport in Semiconductor Nanorod (NR)-based Structures


Marija Drndic

Global objectives and specific goals of the project: to discover, understand and apply new mesoscopic effects in elongated semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs), often referred to as semiconductor nanorods (NRs), and to build nanorod-based electronic and optoelectronic devices.

CdSe NR arrays behave as semiconductor-insulator multiple quantum wells and transport through NR stacks (see TEM picture) seems to dominate their transport properties.

Conclusion and impact:
Semiconductor NR superlattices provide a useful new system to explore general models of coupled quantum dots, correlated electrons and charge ordering. These systems are expected to stimulate novel electronic-optoelectronic applications of CdSe NRs.




Nano/Bio Interface Center @ The University of Pennsylvania
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