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NBIC Announces Three New members to the External Advisory Board

NBIC announces the addition of 3 new members to the External Advisory Board. Viola Vogel from ETH Zurich; Miguel Salmeron from LBL Berkeley Lab, and Joe Lyding from U of Illinois. These additions bring expertise in motor proteins, surface functionalization and scanning probes. We look forward to their interactions with our center.

Viola VogelDr. Viola Vogel is a Professor in the Department of Materials heading the Laboratory for Biologically Oriented Materials at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich.  Her interdisciplinary research program centers in bionanotechnology where she deciphers engineering principles of biological nanosystems for the development of new technologies. Her interests range from physical sciences to medicine and include bottom-up molecular self-assembly, single molecule mechanics, how cells sense and respond to force, bacterial adhesion, biominerals, biomaterials and tissue engineering.


Miquel SalmeronMiquel Salmeron is a Senior Staff Scientist and Principal Investigator in the Materials Sciences Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California.  His research interests include mechanical, physical and chemical properties of surfaces and interfaces, the manipulation of matter at the atomic scale, atomistic studies of friction, adhesion and wear, surface chemistry and catalysis, and properties of liquids at the nanoscale.


Joseph W. LydingJoseph W. Lyding is Professor of Electrical & Computer Science in the College of Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  His research involves understanding the potential for carbon nanotubes for future semiconducting device applications.  His group has developed ultra-clean nanotube deposition and STM spectroscopic methodologies that are attempting to produce chirally pure samples.  These effects are being seen for the first time and are being modeled with first principles theory and simulations.


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