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International Travel Information

To ensure that international attendees are familiar with the very latest U.S. passport and visa regulations, the following information is offered below:

As of January 5, 2004 , the US-VISIT program is in effect. Most foreign visitors to the U.S. will now have their two index fingers scanned, and a digital photograph will be taken at your port of entry. Complete information on US-VISIT is available on the Department of Homeland Security Web site .

Visa Waiver Program:
As of October 26, 2004 , visa waiver travelers from ALL 27 Visa Waiver Program countries must present a machine-readable passport or a U.S. Visa. The Visa Waiver Program could dramatically affect your ability to enter the U.S. , and we highly recommend that you learn more about the program now. Please take the time to read the latest news and details regarding the Visa Waiver Program .

Applied for your visa, but having difficulties?
The National Academies International Visitor Office has resolved more than 93% of visa processing problems that were brought to their attention . If you have applied for your visa and are having difficulties, please contact  The National Academies International Visitors Office and complete a questionnaire to request assistance.

Other helpful international travel links:

Invitation Letter
International attendees often need a letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa to visit the US . Because of increased scrutiny of visa applicants, many potential attendees of scientific meetings in the United States have experienced unusual delays in obtaining travel visas.

If you need a letter of invitation and have not yet requested it, please contact Natasha Charles (ncharles@seas.upenn.edu) and she will forward it as soon as possible. In order to compose and send your letter, she will need your document number, email address, and your complete mailing address.



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