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Graduate Certificate

Please note that as of 2017, this Certificate Program is no longer offered. Information about the Penn Master of Science in Engineering Nanotechnology Program can be found here.

Graduate Level Certificate in Nanoscale Science and Technology

Most fields of science and engineering now involve components that address phenomena at nanoscale dimensions. This is reflected in the contents of several courses, seminar series, and research topics. A certification in Nanoscale Science and Technology documents that a graduate student has mastered fundamental principles and practical implications in the core areas of the field. The certification program is open to all graduate students in good standing at Penn and is designed such that students in BE, CBE, ESE, MEAM, and MSE can accomplish this within their degree program, i.e. without extending the time to graduation.

1) Successful completion of 1 course in each of the following categories:

    • Nano/Micro Fabrication and Molecular Control
    • Characterization and Behavior of Nano/Micro Structures
    • Nano Devices, Systems, and Integration

2) Successful completion of 2 approved electives.

The courses that qualify for the program are periodically reviewed by the Director of NBIC in consultation with the NBIC executive committee.

3) Attendance at six (6) seminars relating to nanoscale science and technology, evidenced by submission of a paragraph describing each. Seminars must be formally sponsored by departments or centers at Penn. (Be sure to include the date, sponsoring department/center, title, presenter, and a summary.)

To obtain a Certificate in Nanoscale Science and Technology:

1. Sign-up online now by completing this form.

The certificate program is only available to current graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania.


2. Download and print the Graduate Certificate form and begin planning your courses.


Course selection

Nano/Micro Fabrication and Molecular Control

ESE/MEAM 564 - Principles and Practice of Microfabrication
MSE 565 - Processing Micro and Nanostructured Materials
MSE 590 - Thin Films: Processing and Properties
CBE/BE 560 - Biomolecular Engineering
CBE/BE/MEAM - 562 Drug Discovery and Development
MEAM/BE/CBE - 555 Nanoscale Systems Bio
CBE/BE 554 - Engineering Biotechnology
BE 513 - Molecular and Cell Biology
BMB 508 - Macromolecular Biophysics
BMB 615 - Understanding Peptides and Proteins from the Ground Up

Behavior of Nano/Micro Structures

MSE 610 - Transmission Electron Microscopy
MSE 590 - Surface and Thin Film Analysis Techniques
CBE 701 - Scattering Methods/ Colloidal and Macromolecular Systems
CBE 701 - Surface Science
CBE 641 - Advanced Transport Phenomena II
BE 581 - Biological Image Processing
MSE 500 - Experimental Methods in Materials Science
MSE 660 - Atomistic Modeling in Materials Science
Physics 662 - Advanced Solid State Theory II
Physics 530 - Modern Optical Physics and Spectroscopy
MEAM 575 – Physiochemical Hydrodynamics and Interfacial Phenomena
Physics 580 – Biological Physics

Nano Devices, Systems, and Integration

ESE/MSE 525 - Nanotechnology
ESE 514 - Solid State Device Physics
Physics 518 - Condensed Matter Physics
MEAM/ESE 550 - Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems
MSE 790 - Materials in Information Processing Devices
MEAM 572 - Micro/Nanoscale Energy Transport




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