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Photos from the French-American Workshop 2015

Seven Penn students were selected by NBIC's IRES program to conduct research in Grenoble, France as part of the 2015 GIANT International Internship Programme. Penn's students, along with 20 others from different American universities, participated in the French-American Workshop (June 15-16, 2015).  As part of the workshop, the students presented posters highlighting their interests and ongoing research.

Group Casual

2015 IRES cohort at GIANT (L to R): Stan Najmr, Jane Chuprin, Cynthia Tong, Alex Stange, Sergio Rodriguez Labra, Kalina Slavkova, Kristen Leong


Chuprin J Leong K Najmr S Rodrgues L S Slavkova K Stange A Tong C



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